Asgardian business partnership program

Offer services and goods to Asgardians worldwide

What is Asgardia?
The first Space Nation in human history,
and the first Nation to have all of its territory in Space.
1 049 905 people
joined Asgardia
over 3+ years
230+ countries
have Asgardians
living there
Unlimited possibilities
to grow and develop
your business

Introducing the Asgardian Business Partnership Program

Creating an ecosystem of services and goods for Asgardians
to benefit local and global businesses
Why should your business join Asgardia?
📈 Get organic traffic
Build your reputation in the Asgardian community
and have a stream of new customers.
🔎 Find your target audience
Asgardia's worldwide presence allows
to promote both digital and local businesses.
🤝 Take part in creating the new economy
This program is the first step of the Asgardian Financial Ark. The goal is to build an independent economy for Asgardia — and you can be a part of it.
💰 It's free!
You pay nothing for this partnership,
because our dream is to create
an infrastructure for all Asgardians.

How it works

Apply for business partnership
It only takes 5 minutes,
no sensitive information required
Connect with an Asgardian representative
After you apply, we will contact you to discuss how your services can be integrated into Asgardia
Integrate services into Asgardia
A simple process to connect our community with your business
Get new customers
for your business
Offer good products and services, and Asgardians will love them!
Apply to create new opportunities
for your company with Asgardia
Seven simple questions to get you started